About Our Shop

The ceramic items are slipcast from molds, but that doesn't mean that each is a cookie cutter piece. I can never paint the same piece the same way twice. I've tried. I've even gone as far as to work both pieces at the same time. The brush strokes make it different everytime. Not to mention that my husband has gotten really good at making alterations to pieces when they are in raw form to make each original. You'd have to see one of our vases to see what I mean. I look forward to the day that he's able to work potters clay and wheel throw items. It's coming I just have to be patient.

The gourds are grown in my garden from seeds. We then allow them to dry naturally on pallets. They are then made ready for me to paint by removing the natural mold and drilling the openings. The bottles and window panes are upcycled from various locations.

We are proud to say that we do not use decals on any of our hand-finished items.

You can find our items at GrapeVine Ceramics and Gifts or by visiting Kansas Originals, a store featuring artists and crafters from all over the state of Kansas.