Friday, April 15, 2011

Ladybugs... Need I say more?

Today I'm sharing a poem and some great Ladybug items on Etsy...

The Tiny Ladybug - Author Unknown

When I was a child
Ladybugs would fly to me.
The would land on my arm
and whisper secrets in my ear
of the things I would become:
A kind man
...gentle of mind.
A man of spirit
who could close great divides.

But I don't feel that big.
In fact, as I sit in the grass
at talk to you,
I feel like a tiny Ladybug
on someone else's arm....

And your ear is most important to me.

I went searching for Ladybugs, look what I found...

Keiki Couture makes this great Ladybug Banner.

Personally Forever has this lovely necklace.

But I think the most warming item is this quilt by BeeBlessed.

What do you think?

Thursday, April 14, 2011


If you can't tell by my previous posts, I love dragonflies. Not only do I find them around my house during the summer, but we used to tell the boys that they "followed" us out to the lake when they were little. There's nothing quite like taking the hand of your five year old and walking the beach around a private lake. The wonders they find, things as an adult you don't always see. While we were invariably looking for turtles, snakes and toads we'd always find dragonflies dancing across the water. Watching them from the beach has always had a calming effect on me, well until the dog would jump into the water that is...

I'm in a dragonfly mood today so here are a couple of finds on Etsy:

This flask by Tantalus Designs would make a welcome addition to any study display, or to be used for anything you want to take along.

Victorian Dragonfly Steampunk Flask
by Tantalus Designs
And this lovely necklace by Steinvika would go with about anything in my closet.

The Prairie Dragonfly...Water Blue...Copper Enamel Necklace
by Steinvika
I'm wondering, do you like dragonflies?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dance of the Bumblebees...

I love the taste of fresh honey... especially the dark winter honey that I bought at the Wilson Czech Festival last year. I couldn't wait to get it home and start tasting it on almost everything: fruit, crackers, fresh bread. I've baked with it and added it into sauces. You name it I've tried it. It's been nine months and I'm almost out - so sad, but I do have the number to get more.

That love of honey and my daily walks have me thinking about bees. I love watching the BIG bumblebees in my garden. They always seem so busy, so graceful.

Here are a couple of items I found on Etsy that I BEElive are worth a second look.

This Steampunk Necklace by Ballyhoo Jewelry was the first piece to catch my eye.

Steampunk Necklace with Bee Stamping Hamilton Pocket Watch Jeweled
by Ballyhoo Jewelry
 And for a touch of whimsy you could go wrong with this Original Painting by RozArt.

Nest 195 24x30 inch original oil painting
by RozArt

What are your favorite Bee items on Etsy?

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Treasury Tuesday: Spring Things

Spring has sprung... All you need for verification is a look out my dining room window. The plum tree and our red bud are in full bloom.

Or you could look at my computer screen and see all the spring themed treasuries.

I made this one for the Midwest Treasury Team. I love the splashes of color.

And doesn't this one by pepindor  make you think Spring meets Summer?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Party Ideas: Flip Flops

Every once in a while, I get the opportunity to help friends decorate for their daughter's birthday and graduation parties. Since I only have sons it's a refreshing opportunity.

I get to help with a party for a girl that loves flip flops. Here are a few of the things that I'm going to show her mother.

This garland by howstinkincute would be perfect over the cake table. It could then be moved into her room for a great accent.

Flip Flop Embellishments 4 pairs to make garland
by howstinkincute
Or instead of cake how about Flip Flop Cookies from Lori's Place.

FLIP FLOP Cookie Favors - Flip Flop Decorated Cookies - 1 Dozen
by Lori's Place
And since this is going to be a small party wouldn't these soaps from Soap Garden be a great party favor.

Summer Fun Flip Flop Soap Made with Shea Butter
 by Soap Garden
I think this could be one fun party... how about you?

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Whimsical Positive Reinforcement Provided by Larry the Rockhead

With a smile like his, Larry the Rockhead can't help but give your garden positive reinforcement and a good chuckle. He seems to be enjoying his brother Mo's antics and his father Pappy's stories of the old days.

He's such a positive rockhead that you'll want to meet the rest of the family, his Dad Pappy and brother Mo.

Can't you see him sitting under any of these garden stakes by Metal Garden Art?

Garden Poetry Word Signs 6 of your choice - 19 Inches Tall
by Metal Garden Art

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Introducing Humourous Whimsy in Pappy's Son Mo

Some humourous garden whimsy is coming your way when Mo the Rockhead takes his place. While his Dad's passion is watching your flowers grow, Mo likes to joke with all the critters. His facial expression reminds me of a little kid who puts his fingers in his ears, sticks out his tongue and says na, nannny, na, na.

He's such an endearing reminder of our youths that you just want to meet the rest of the family, his Dad Pappy and brother Larry.

I can see Mo playing with the toads that live in this "The Mother of All Toad Houses" by Clay Soul.

"The Mother of All Toad Houses" by ClaySoul
Can't you?

Monday, April 4, 2011

Everyone needs a touch a whimsy...

I don't know about you but I enjoy a touch of whimsy in my garden. So I decided to introduce our Rockhead Garden Decor to our Etsy store.

The first in a set of three, Pappy has a smile to brighten your day. Watching your flowers grow is his passion and past time in his retirement. He used tend pet rocks in his earlier days, and if you look at all his cracks and wrinkles they gave him a run for his money.

He's such a character that you'll want to meet his sons Mo and Larry.

I can just see Pappy watching this dragonfly created by bzb designs.

Bottlecap Bug Buddy Plant Decoration - Brew by bzb designs.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Second Piece of Our Blue Dragonfly Series

Our newest listing is this Ceramic Dragonfly Lantern. It's part of the blue dragonfly series we are producing. You will delight in the reflections from the candle as they dance across your room.

This piece may also be used as desktop or countertop storage for writing utensils, phone charges or other miscellaneous.

The inspiration for this piece comes from our affinity for dragonflies. Be it the symbolism or our happy memories we're just drawn to them.

There's a few more pieces on the way.

While looking through several Etsy shops I found this great pendant by theraveniron.

Deep Blue Dragonfly Pendant by The Raven Iron.

Take the time to look their shop if you have time.

Friday, April 1, 2011

A Touch of Paris

Ever since I was a little girl and my aunt went on her senior trip to Europe, I have dreamed of France. I've created and collected bits and pieces to keep the dream alive. This Ceramic Fleur de Lis Keepsake BoxI don't know if it is the symbolism or my love of wrought iron that draws me to the fleur de lis, but something does. There's just something so fluid about it.

While I was dreaming I went window shopping on Etsy and found these great items:

This photograph by onepointsixphoto shows some the the iron work as it ages that I love best.

Lichen and fleur de lis scroll fine art photo by onepointsixphoto

I could see these finials by historicalproducts on my mantel place.

European Finial by historicalproducts
Don't forget about NELDesigns giveaway. You can find details on AddSomeStitches blog.