Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Phase One Update

Phase one of starting over began in earnest at the beginning of September. Since then I have:

  • Lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. This may not seem like a lot to some people but for me it's HUGE. I am over 100 pounds overweight and I struggle, really struggle to lose weight. 
  • Moved my business office from the downstairs family room to the spare bedroom upstairs.
  • Become slightly more organized (I'll always struggle with this one...) I've decided that I don't procrastinate I just do better under pressure.

Dream Office found on Pinterest
Phase two is going to include the following goals:
  • Lose another 30 pounds. I won't be able to lose the next 30 as fast as the first 30, but I'm not giving up. 
  • Finish organizing the new office. Everything has been moved in but nothing is put away in a way that allows it to be uncluttered and usuable. I need usuable!!
  • Begin reclaiming the family room from my crafts and general clutter. The ceramics business has exploded into our living area. Now that the business end has been removed, I want to get back to using the storage room as my studio. My husband did a wonderful job of helping me get things set up, I just need to finish the move into the room.

I'd love to complete phase two by June 2013, but I want to be realistic. The weight didn't come on, the disorganization of the office didn't happen, and the creep into the family room didn't occur in less than 8 months. It may take longer to accomplish one item on the list let alone three. 

Dragonfly Jewelry Box from GrapeVine Ceramics & Gifts


  1. Your goals are not unrealistic. To help you accomplish them, I would suggest breaking them up into smaller goals, so that you will still feel like you accomplished something without the whole task being completed. I would wish you luck, but it's not about being lucky. I do, however hope you are successful with your goals.

  2. Life slips up on all of us. Wonderful attitude and I wish you much success as you work on your goals, both personal and business. I agree with GoodOleDays, mini goals along the way to the big ones and then a reward for accomplishing them (big or small, LOL).