Friday, April 15, 2011

Ladybugs... Need I say more?

Today I'm sharing a poem and some great Ladybug items on Etsy...

The Tiny Ladybug - Author Unknown

When I was a child
Ladybugs would fly to me.
The would land on my arm
and whisper secrets in my ear
of the things I would become:
A kind man
...gentle of mind.
A man of spirit
who could close great divides.

But I don't feel that big.
In fact, as I sit in the grass
at talk to you,
I feel like a tiny Ladybug
on someone else's arm....

And your ear is most important to me.

I went searching for Ladybugs, look what I found...

Keiki Couture makes this great Ladybug Banner.

Personally Forever has this lovely necklace.

But I think the most warming item is this quilt by BeeBlessed.

What do you think?


  1. Lovely poem. Thanks for sharing it. I adore lady bugs. So cute and perky.

  2. uniquecozytreasures - I love the ceramic buttons. With most of our US button making going to China these days, it's nice to see someone here at home is making buttons.