Monday, February 4, 2013

Cherished Mementos

ETSY Minute - February 4, 2013

This week the focus is on cherished family mementos and memories. My Etsy Minute reflects items my husband and I have from our grandparents and parents.

Vintage Photographs found at Dr. Strange Goods
Vintage Moss Rose Tea Set found at French Klim Bim
Household Searchlight Recipe Book found at Attic Emporium
Vintage Sewing Machine Iron On by Vintage Restyled
We've recently come to hold many photographs from my husband's family. Many we are still trying to identify the subjects in. The tea set is similar to one that survived my mother's childhood, she has found a second set and mixed the pieces up so that my sister and I both have a full set with some of hers included. I have copies of the go to recipes for my family from The Household Searchlight Recipe Book and many other cookbooks from my mother-in-law. But probably the most special item shown is the treadle machine, I have the one that my grandmother and mother sat at for hours patching jeans and sewing new outfits for me. I remember sitting beside them on my chair just watching them work.

Do you have any family mementos that you cherish?

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