Thursday, February 7, 2013


Ever experience an event that you never want to forget, those moments in life that you want to remember forever? 

Me too. From time to time, I find myself sorting through mementos from events. Sometimes I laugh and sometimes I cry, it just depends on what memory is attached to the item. My mementos come in all sizes, a button from my favorite dress, a handwritten note, photographs, a pressed flower, my grandmother's sewing machine with contents of the drawers in tact just to name a few. I am now beginning to question why I keep these items tucked away. Wouldn't I and these items be better served by using and displaying them? Afterall, these mementos symbolize events in mine and my family's lives that helped to shape who I am, who we are.  

I'm at the point in my life where less is more. In the past I decorated the house with items that were of a specific theme or just looked good. Starting this year, I'm only bringing items into the house that speak to me. I want items that represent my family, our ideals, our goals and who we are. I plan to use some of our mementos that are tucked away as inspiration and a base. I'm on a mission this year to redecorate on a budget. I've already begun searching the area antique and thrift stores. I found my first project last weekend and I can't wait to share it.

Who knows that note from my grandma, may just be framed and hung above her sewing machine (which still works by the way), in the office. Or the recipe books from my mother-in-law and other grandma may find a home on a shelf near my kitchen instead of at the back of a closet.

I think that this ideal is why I'm drawn to making keepsake boxes. There are so many memories that inspire each one and I hope that they become mementos for those who have received them.

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