Thursday, March 31, 2011

I Want to Get Out My Flip Flops!

So have you ever had such a strong yearning for the warmer months? This year it seems like it is taking forever. Well when I think summer, I think flip flops and ladybugs. With that in mind my husband and I created Ceramic Flip Flop Keepsake Boxes, with a ladybug waiting to make you smile in each. We have a variety of colors available and are always willing to work with custom orders, so you're not limited to the colors listed.

Here are a few of the boxes we currently have on hand...

This mint green and burnt orange combination is as close to
Peapod Green and Coral as I could come.

This harvest gold and mint green combination is as close to
Beeswax and Peapod as I could come.

This color combination of lime green and burnt orange came to be
because I thought it would be interesting.

This one is one of my favorite combinations.
But I always think blue and yellow should go together.

This color combination always makes me smile
the purple is as close to Violet as I could come.

We have listed a set of four that you can pick the colors of.
The full color spectrum that is ready to ship!
We've also just taken orders for six custom colors.
So while I was waiting for all the photos to download during listing the boxes, I went window shopping for more flip flops and I found this great print by malibelle.

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  1. Love those boxes! Carol from Carol's Jewelry Orchard