Friday, January 25, 2013

Authentic Me

In this week's Friday Files, I reflect on the "authentic me."

On Monday, we celebrated Martin Luther King Jr Day, an authentic American with an authentic story. His life ended before I was born but his story and legacy continue. It got me thinking, what is my legacy going to be? What are people going to say about me when I'm gone? Am I going to be remembered as someone who was part of the solution or someone who was part of the problem?

Martin Luther King Quote Painting
by recaldej on Etsy
Life isn't always easy, and over the years I've made decisions that weren't optimal but at the time they were the best option with the knowledge I had. No matter what, I've faced the consequences of my decisions and I've come through many trials a much stronger person. I've learned to step back from certain situations and really try to see it from all angles and not just react in the moment. So I really hope that people see me as part of the solution.

I'm evolving everyday. I hope to leave the legacy of love, hard work, creativity and flexibility a reflection my authentic self.

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