Friday, January 18, 2013

Lessons Learned

This week's Friday Files is going to focus on what I learned in 2012.

Chalk Art Folded Card
by Recipe for Crazy
I've learned good friends are hard find. If you have one or two really good friends you are blessed. I'm blessed with three that I can't imagine not sharing my joys and frustrations with over a glass of wine and dessert or around the fire pit on a cool night. I married one of them, met another in the second grade and stole one from my brother. Two of them may be "absent" for short times but when get back together it's like no time has passed.

I've also learned not everyone who comes into your life is destined to remain. Things are often said in frustration, which creates obstacles that are too large to overcome. In times like this I am truly thankful for my husband, when I feel the need to withdraw from society and regroup he's right there along side me, supporting me and helping figure out what lesson is to be learned from those situations.

Ceramic Believe Keepsake Box
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I've learned that I'm strong. Self preservation and will to succeed are necessary. I've been called stubborn and strong-willed this past year. I may not have accomplished everything I wanted in 2012 but I gave it my all, no matter what.

Heading into 2013 - My family and friends are going to be priority. Simple times like a smile over a cup of coffee will not be rushed. I won't look at relationships that end badly just on lessons learned from them. Projects and goals are going to be split into small manageable steps, it may not always look like I'm accomplishing something but in the end they will get done, and if not - there's always 2014.

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