Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Sky is the Limit!

At the end of the fifth week I was thinking WOW! If a lot of determination and product could do this the sky is the limit. We bought into the program at the lowest level and started to return his product one bottle at a time.

At this point I was flipping through a product catalog and found HealthTrim - Metabolic Boost. I asked a couple people at a Genesis PURE meeting about it and liked what I heard. Doug brought some by the next day so I could get started before my shipment showed up. What a difference it made! My energy levels increased even more. I was alert even at 3:00 pm when I normally would hit a low. I got things done!!!

After about two weeks on the additional product, I can say that I lost another ten pounds. That made 30 pounds since the beginning of my journey in seven weeks. Now don't get me wrong I knew there were going to be stumbling blocks and there was no way I was going to be able to keep up the pace of losing 10 pounds every two weeks. I had already discounted the existence of a "magic bullet" when it came to weight loss. I also knew for it to stay off I was going to have to lose it at a slower pace and make permanent changes to my life.

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