Thursday, January 24, 2013

Gotta Take Baby Steps

Three weeks into my journey using Genesis PURE, my husband proudly told our customer, Doug, how well I was feeling and that I had lost 10 pounds and was looking forward to losing more. That's when he introduced me to Genesis PURE Green Coffee Bean with BioPerine. With the Green Coffee Bean's help I lost, another 10 pounds in two weeks.

During those two weeks, I slowly began the process of getting back into walking. That first week my goal was to walk to the corner and back, every day for the entire week. I took baby steps since I hadn't had a regular regimen since the inflammation in my legs had gotten out of control and I would have stabbing pains through my calves whenever I walked any distance. Thanks to the Mangosteen and losing the initial 10 pounds the first three weeks, I didn't experience any of my previous problems.

The second week, my goal was to walk around the block. Guess what, I breezed through it at a reasonable pace every day. I didn't have pain and I wasn't out of breath. Max began to look forward to our walks and would go find his leash anytime I put on my tennis shoes.

During the first five weeks on the product I:
  • Began the Genesis PURE core products
  • Gave up pop
  • Cut calories to 1200-1800 calories a day (Yes even with a McDonald's stop :)
  • Cut back on eating out
  • Adjusted our family budget
  • Added Genesis PURE Green Coffee Bean to my routine
  • Started a walking regimen in baby steps. I managed to get to walking around the block by the end of five weeks

The results that I saw:
  • Better mood
  • Better stress management
  • Regular digestion and elimination
  • I am more productive and have more energy
  • I lost 20 pounds
  • I continue to have HOPE!
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